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Bankruptcy & Other Debt Relief Measures

Date & Time: May 12th 2020 12PM PT

How long will we feel the impacts of Covid-19? Businesses are facing layoffs, debt resettlements and even bankruptcies despite efforts from congress to save the economy. What kind of leverage do consumers, property owners and business owners have with their banks and creditors? How do we start these conversations with our debt holders, and when should bankruptcy be considered? We will explore all of these topics in this upcoming FREE webinar with the Philippine American Bar Association.

Navigating Coronavirus Financial Challenges and The CARES Act

The CARES act is the mother of all stimulus packages, and there is talk of even more from congress. This webinar consisted of our very own business lawyer Victor Look, enrolled agent Oren Hen, and CEO of RTB Financial Adam Bar. We discussed some of the basics of the small business loans from the CARES act and some considerations when weighing them against alternatives like the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

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